A tribute to the Italian style of the 60’s combining classic styling with cutting edge features and reliability.

A modern
day classic

The Wasp Scooter series II is a European designed 150cc scooter, offering desirable lines and appeal, a modern day classic, ready for you to buzz around town in style. Turn heads on the street, professionally commute to work or just show it off at the beach. The Wasp Scooter is a fashionable statement, convenient transport alternative which will add some luxury, style and enjoyment to your commute to work. The Wasp is an impressive weekender to sprint down to the beach or just a great way to get around while avoiding the daily city traffic.

We have created the Wasp for fashion and environmentally conscious individuals that want the convenience of a scooter yet want to stand out in a generic world. The retro design, classic dual seat (single bar seat optional), mixed with electric start, LED run lights and front disk brakes combined with the ease of twist and go transmission make this scooter pure joy to own and ride.

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Ideal for
City and Surf

An ideal way
to get around

The Wasp also delivers some serious benefits to justify your purchase. Save money on fuel, rego, insurances, always find parking, minimise your time in traffic, legally lane split, use bus lanes (check your state’s road rules) reduce your carbon footprint and all while rocking your unique retro look.

The Wasp Scooter look originated in Italy in the late 1960’s and was a popular mode of transport in densely populated towns and cities, due to is low upfront and running costs made this an ideal way to get around.

Since its inception in 2013 Wasp have been committed to developing and delivering a classically designed series II, riding off the popularity of its initial offering to the Australian Market. Wasp has partnered with a well established motorcycle factory, through extensive research and development Wasp is proud to be able to produce a high quality, competitively priced offering in its Series II that will thrive in the Australian urban, inner-city and beach environments.

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Buzz around
town in style

With its efficient and powerful 150cc power plant, a light weight construction the Wasp’s power to weigh ratio is favourable, with ample acceleration its highly manoeuvrable through city or suburban roads.

As Australian life is now becoming more congested with high density apartments, increased traffic, parking and fuel costs at record levels, the previously overlooked scooter is now making more sense as a viable option to get around, and at Wasp HQ we thought, you should be able to ‘BUZZ AROUND TOWN IN STYLE.”

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